Traditional 30 to 90-day updates are another way of saying your data is stale 90% of the time. Pair that with traditional, siloed profiles and you might as well be marketing in the 90s.

People move around more than ever, and they consume more content on more devices than ever. Backing your marketing with a real-time identity graph can help you reach consumers wherever they go with better-informed messaging.

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Everybody says real time, but there's always an asterisk, a catch. This time, it's the real thing. No fine print, just hundreds of identifiers across millions of online, offline, personal, and household personas, all updated to the second.

Updated to the second

With people moving around more than ever – and on more devices than ever – the old 30 to 90-day updates might as well be trapping your marketing in the 90's. All that extra data might look nice, but it's only accurate for a few seconds before the next update. OMNA updates every second, keeping up with your audiences as they move across devices and physical locations throughout the day.

Get what you need, not what we want you to need

Tired of getting two options from providers: everything or nothing? Already have one piece but need the rest? The same massive range of identifiers in OMNA also makes it the strongest data backbone in the industry, ready to match your existing data points. And if you don't need the entire Identity Graph, we also offer three major component graphs – IP Graph and Location Graph.

Unprecedented audience capabilities breed unprecedented use cases

  • Onboarding. Better match rates, under 24 hours.
  • Frequency capping.
  • Omnichannel addressability and delivery.
  • More precise segments.
  • Always relevant. Constantly updated.
  • Attribution.

Check out our video to learn about how OMNA can give brands and agencies the ability to elevate their data with consumer intelligence.

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